Now more than ever, the skills of an executive protection professional with close protection training are in demand. Our instructors are comprised of security professionals from the military, law enforcement, and civilian sectors and have developed a training program to teach EP Tactics, techniques, and procedures utilizing a mixture of theoretical studies and practical application.

Whether you are training to work in the industry or just want to add to your skill set, our Executive Protection Course will bring you to the next level. Prepare for the worst; hope for the best.

Executive Protection
Training Courses

In these courses, you will learn about the moral and legal aspects of owning and using firearms, as well as the nomenclature and maintenance techniques needed for proper conduct. These firearms training courses also have live simulation scenarios and case studies to provide a solid framework for how to safely use and manage firearms. We also provide training in accuracy and how to handle a firearm.

Many of our high-level firearms and Executive Protection training courses are taught in conjunction with the Israeli Tactical School. These courses will teach you everything you need to know about Executive Protection.

Get Trained for Success

It is our goal to assist our students in finding not only job attainment but gainful employment. Students will participate in a training program that provides hands-on instruction from veterans of U.S. and Israeli Special Forces and Israeli Secret Service Operators. Our team of instructors has adapted their elite military training to provide Executive Protection for high-profile Hollywood celebrities.

It All Starts Now